The Port-A-Potty: a travel companion for your bag!

Don’t worry it’s a lot more interesting then it sounds! You are about to embark on to an idea that was sprung up by a YouTube video. Yes, where all great ideas originate (I’m kidding, sort-of). I have searched and have found nothing quite like this. However, the general idea obviously has existed for a while. I give you the: hand held port a potty. We can just call it the Port-a-Potty for short.
I came across this little travel potty that is nicely sized and obviously sturdy for sitting but was still just too bulky. You could easily just go into the woods during travel and do your business without all the excess OR you could do it with the port-a-potty, the next best thing to the actual thing. Look at me already trying to sell it! How am I doing so far?
The idea of something small, simplistic, easy to clean, and portable is what I’m going for. Something MADE for travel. I’m talking just slips into your bag travel.
With all that said; I introduce you too…. the silicone minimizable potty for travels. Here’s the general idea of how it works: its small enough to fit in a bag and still big enough to hold your works, this piece of art also seals to keep in the stench with an added mini hard pressure cleaner (how does that sound for luxury?) Are you interested yet? I hope so!
We need options. Colors are the way to go, so maybe 3 general ones like green, blue, and pink options to start.
Now, with what I have in mind this particular make wont hold your weight for actual sitting but the squatting maneuver will do just fine. It is thin, round, and flat when collapsed and can be enlarged just by pulling upwards, with an added zippered lid for the stench holding when you may not have time to clear it out for a long period of time. Maybe even a strap added for extra “if needed” for when you gotta empty but are possibly grossed out by holding the potty as a whole.
So here’s how it works: you simply open to full size, squat, do your quick business, zip it up, and store to the side until you’re ready to clean and collapse. Obviously this isn’t going to be for someone who enjoys squatting for far more than a good minute and going about on their phone. This is for someone who wants to do their business quickly and be done.
Here’s just a couple ways this would be a perfect travel companion:
Driving: If you’re driving and theres no restroom in sight and your alone, just not comfortable to be outside by yourself. Pull over, lock your doors and squat like you were made too. Then, quickly zip the top to prevent spillage and stinkage and GO! You do not want to end up in a horror movie situation.
Camping: Not everyone wants to squat behind a tree in the middle of the night and I am assuming you brought a tent, right? Do your business in there – no problem! Then just zip it to the side! 😉 Don’t have a tent? Well hopefully you at least brought a blanket or cloth of some sort, so I’m sure you’ve  got this!
If privacy is not of concern then this will still be good for car traveling. Though, this could totally serve as a dual purpose! Why not use it for dishes or laundry instead or even holding things for any general purpose? Sooooo many options… Perhaps I should give this a new name? It seems I have drifted from this things initial purpose (oops).
Finally, we finish off with the cleaning. A mini pressure cleaner would be perfect! All you have to do is fill up with some water, pop in a little soap, and spray down the unloaded potty, no touching needed. The pressure of the water  will do all the work for you, no dirty hands here (but please still wash them).
Obviously there’s so many ways to go about this and knicks could be changed around to make it far better for its actual purpose but this is just the rough draft. I give myself an A+!!
How about you? Doesn’t this sound like one of the greatest travel companions!?


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